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Whisper any officer for an invite smile


16 Jul - 5/9 HC

Taczin a posted Sun at 20:58

Apologies for the state of the front page - my hosting company have decided they don't want to host any more and I cba to find a new one yet.

Anyway, a wee update (without pictures - you'll have to go to Discord for those): we are now 5/9 in Tomb of Sargeras, and the next kill is in our sights!  Go Team DS!

We've been trying to get Gul'dan down for a couple of weeks.  This evening the guild trotted along as usual, and gchat was full of the usual DBM 'Dark Souls has wiped...' messages.  And then, disaster!  Discord went down and the raid team was without voice chat.  How on earth would they cope?  Here's your answer:

Well done everyone, very nice work indeed!

28 Feb - 7/10 NH HC

Taczin a posted Mar 1, 17

We've had decent progression again over the last couple of weeks, culminating in us killing Star Augur Etraeus as our final achievement in February!  Once again I've stolen some of Dusk's screenies from Discord to share on the forum so here's the Star Augur one to brighten up the front page :)


07 Feb - 4/10 NH (H)

Taczin a posted Feb 7, 17

I've been a bit lax about updating the news as most of the activity is on Discord these days, so many apologies!

We've lost a few from the raid team again, and brought a couple of new people in to fill the gaps - still recruiting if anyone's interested! - but in the meantime we're still making nice progress and this week saw us get to 4/10 in heroic Nighthold so well done and great work by our raid team, long may it continue!